Episode 309 – Joel Peterson

joelpetersonThis week we’re off to San Francisco, Sonoma and Los Angeles. In Sonoma we find The GodFather of California Zinfandel – Joel Peterson at Ravenswood. The first sign you notice when you step out of the car is “Caution Rattlesnake Area” that gets your attention right away. Second sign says “No Wimpy Wines” and that is what Joel and his wines are all about.

Ravenswood has lead the movement to bring California’s original grape back into the spotlight. He was born to do this; his Father organized one of San Francisco’s first wine tasting clubs. His Mother worked on the Manhattan project and tested Alice Waters’s recipes for her first cookbook. Then it’s off to San Francisco – across the Golden Gate Bridge – and into the Jackson Square District to meet a culinary star, Michael Tusk at Quince. He also has a connection to legendary chef Alice Waters. Michael cooked in the kitchen at her Chez Panisse with Paul Bertolli. While Jason asks all those geeky culinary questions, Michael lets me fondle his ravioli.

We finish the visit, as we should, by visiting Quince Wine Director Chris Baggetta. Next we slide down the California coast to Mercantile Wine Bar on Sunset Blvd. There we meet the new stars of Fox Sports Live – Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole. This was flat out fun as we all sort of know each other or know of each other. While we throw back a bottle of Rose, the Tickletrunk Twins bare their Canadian souls. We also hear quick wine chats from actors David Cubbitt and Chris Kramer. Please Enjoy Responsibly.

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