Episode 310 – Anson Mount

anson-mountAnson Mount is our special guest. We start this week in Sonoma, pass through San Francisco and end up in Hollywood talking fine bourbon with actor Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels.
Chris Benziger is one part of a large family that moved en masse from New Jersey and began creating the Benziger line of wines in Sonoma. Proudly organic and biodynamic, Chris is a winemaking storyteller delight. San Francisco is a culinary heaven and one of its finest chefs is Michael Rotondo of Parallel 37 at the incomparable Ritz-Carleton, SF. He actually allows us to mess with his kitchen.

Also a guest is his wine director Justin Kindel and The Culinary Team Leader Executive Chef Nathan Beriau. H&V concludes in North Hollywood with a very relaxed Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels. Growing up in White Bluff Tennessee, he’s more than qualified to share his thoughts on all things bourbon.

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