Season 3 Update- Final Edits Folks!

David Foster Jason Priestley  TDMb

Year Three of Hollywood and Vines TV has wrapped shooting and final edits.


Celebrity Guests include


LeAnn Rimes , who talked about the love in her life and her love for wine and music.

She then took the stage at Mission Hill Winery and charmed an entire hillside.

It was a laid back easy going chat between three people who play the game straight up.

The Gipsy Kings were their usual fabulous self. Ironically, before they became world famous they worked the vineyards and harvests in Southern France and Northern Spain.

Some nice performance footage came with the day.


Grammy winning Artist, Producer and Verve Record Chairman David Foster had agreed to guest on the show.

The day before Jason and I were to drive to his spectacular Malibu residence..he had a fever of 100 plus.

Being the guy he is, he got out of bed after three days..showered and shaved and sat with us for 30 minutes.

Then sat at his piano and did some pretend scoring for Jason.

And then a tour of the gardens..with its 180 view of the Pacific Ocean.

Oh..he also showed us the  prized bottle in his cellar..a 1945 Rothschild given to him by Oprah Winfrey.

David is currently working with Stevie Wonder, Bryan Adams and Diana Krall.


Allan Thicke is famous for being famous but he’s waaay more than that.

He acts, she sings, he writes scripts, show themes and comedy.

We had a sublime time talking about his early days in LA and his reaction to his son Robin Thicke’s Fame and Music.


Liam Mayclem The food and wine personality on KCBS San Francisco gave us a one day walk in the Mission District on SF.

Four different an area where every other door leads to culinary heaven.


Other guests include



And many more.


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