Episode 7 – Napa Valley, California

In this episode hosts Jason Priestley and Terry David Mulligan visit Behrens and Hitchcock, Signorello Estate and Bouchon Restaurant. Les Behrens and Bob Hitchcock are two old school winemakers, starting their small winery with hand me down equipment.

There is nothing second hand about their juice, wines names ‘the Contender’, and ‘Blendo’ certainly make these winemakers contenders in the California wine market. Ray Signorella continues the family tradition making exceptional wines, ‘Padrone’ for his father and ‘Hope’s Cuvee’ for his mother.

Chef Jeffrey Caerciello and Sommelier Paul Roberts uncork some of the best wines from around California at the local French Bistro Bouchon. Showing off Bouchon’s own Modicum and sharing a local Rose, Robert agrees that it is ok to drink pink. Celebrities featured in this episode are Michael Buble, Greg Kinnear, Billy Connelly, Robin Williams and Vivica A Fox.

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