Episode 13 – Guadalupe Valley, Mexico 2

Hollywood and Vines continues to explore the Mexican Guadalupe Valley and return to the “house of stone” Casa de Piedra to visit Hugo D’Acosta. Hugo brings French and Italian winemaking skills and expertise to this unique, up and coming region. Jason Priestley and Terry David Mulligan meet Russian winemakers David Bibayoff and “the Godfather of Mexican wine” Hans Backhoff.

Between wine tasting and fishing, the Monte Xanic Winery is a diamond in the rough. Local eatery Laja Restaurant is giving Mexican food a makeover. It is a world class restaurant with it’s own herb garden and in-house winery. Celebrities featured in this episode are Jack Black, Rob Marshall, Lena Olin, Meatloaf and Lasse Hallestrom.

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